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An Overview Of Videoconferencing Programs, Events And Services Provided By BOCES Videoconferencing Services
A Technical Overview Of Videoconferencing
Step-By-Step Proceedures For Choosing Content, Planning And Scheduling A Videoconference
Sites In Our Region Using BOCES Videoconferencing Services
A Guide to Choosing a Virtual Field Trip / Video Conference Content Provider
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 Choose a Content Provider and/or Other Classroom(s) to Connect with.
Information that may be helpful in choosing a videoconference provider.
 Confirm that your school will approve and cover all program costs.
Information about potential costs that may be associated with a videoconference
 Arrange with the content provider and your school a Date and Time for your  VC/Virtual Field Trip. Be sure to note the content provider's contact information.
 If you are going to connect yourself directly you should schedule and conduct a  test connection.

Your content provider may have a reservation form for you to fill out. If you have any questions please contact the BOCES Video Conferenceing Support Team.
1 888 427-9173
Only if you will require a bridged connection, complete & submit the Videoconference/Virtual Field Trip Reservation Form. Online Videoconference/Virtual Field Trip Reservation Form
 Receive confirmation from the BOCES Videoconference Support Team.
 Conduct your Videoconference / Virtual Field Trip.
Please complete & submit the Videoconference/Virtual Field Trip Evaluation Form. Online Videoconference/Virtual Field Trip Evaluation Form

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