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Step -By-Step Proccedures for Scheduling Virtual Field Trips and Classroom-To-Classroom Videoconferences A virtual field trip typically involves a classroom in one location and a content provider, such as a zoo or a museum.

Classroon-To-Classroom conferences also use these same proceedures.

Select the type of videoconference you would like to schedule.
Step-By-Step Proceedures for Scheduling Multi-Point Videoconferences Any administrative or instructional videoconference that involves three or more endpoints is considered a Multi-Point Videoconference. Click the button to the left for information and a reservation form.

When scheduling a Videoconference, you must first determine the type of conference. This is usually based on the number of sites participating. In general, there are two (2) types of videoconferences,

(1) Virtual Field Trip or Point-to-Point (which includes classroom-to-classroom conferences)

(2) Multi-Point - Three or more sites. In most cases these conferences will require a multi-point videoconferencing bridge.

The links above will take you to step-by-step proceedures for scheduling your conference.

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